Being separated from the one you love is really hard. Maybe it's your choice to be apart, but then again, maybe it's not what you want. Either way, now is the time for collecting your thoughts. You wonder how you got to this point. If you have children, you also must help them get through this period of time and try to help them understand. Not only that, but you feel lonely,and sometimes your brain just can't seem to shut off all those thoughts inside your head. You wonder what's next? What are you going to do with your life? Heck, is there life when you are separated from your partner? Those questions seem to be hard answered but in time, things will become more clear. Start by taking it one day at a time. Baby steps are really the only way to get pointed in another direction. Don't try making any large decisions while you are so upset. Take time to get to know "you" all over again.

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