If I Could Have Only Done Something Different

If I could have done something different, would I still be with him? Would I be in a happy marriage? To be honest, I don't think there was anything that could have been done differently. I could not have been a better wife, because I was very attentive. I couldn't have been a better homemaker, because that was something I did really good. I searched high and low for the answers, but didn't get any. I wondered if the other woman did something better than I did, but I really don't think so. I did finally get to see her one day, and she wasn't prettier, or skinnier than me. She wasn't the one helping him pay all the household bills either, so what made her so appealing to him? She wasn't his helpmate, she didn't have his children, she didn't even wash his clothes. I think back to what it was that I could have done better, but honestly, there wasn't anything. Don't let your partner's infidelity make you feel like you could have done something differently because most of the time, it's your partner who is the one having the problem. Maybe the one who cheated is the one who should have done something differently.

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