Getting Rid Of The Blues

I know that sometimes I will go over and over things that have happened and wonder why they didn't turn out better, but dwelling on it time after time can only get you upset and sad all over again. Something that I have always enjoyed is music. Believe me, when I am in a bit of a down mood, I put on something quick and snappy and soon I discover I am not feeling as down anymore. There also dancing to that music, if your feet so feel the need to move. There are many other things that can help you get over the "down-in-the-dumps" feeling. Besides music, I have found that excercise also helps. Discovering some of the little things in life can be just what you need to help get your mind off some of the bad stuff. Shopping? Well, that's a good one for many, but for me, not always because I have to be in the mood. Taking your children to a local park and just getting out for some fresh air is always good as well.

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