What A Loss...A Man Who Calls Himself Her Dad

Here, yet another day, another drama going on with my ex. Wish it would all just go away--the drama, that is. My son went to visit my ex and my daughter was asking how her dog was doing. One dog went with us, and the other dog stayed. My son said that he didn't see the dog (Chewy) anywhere so he asked where he was. My ex told him that the dog died.....but he failed to let our daughter know about it. The dog must have died somewhere around Christmas or maybe even perhaps before. We were never told about it, and for sure, he didn't let our daughter know about her dog. Oh my gosh, the tears started flowing again....it just seems that her dad keeps letting her down in all ways. What could I say? What could I do? I told her that I was sorry that he didn't inform her about it and told her to try and call him....well, of course, he didn't answer her calls, so basically, it's down to him calling us whenever he wants to and expects us to answer but he doesn't want to answer when we call. What happens if she really needed to get ahold of him? He is just not there for her at all. This saddens me, but by now, I have come to know how he is, and she as too. What a shame and what a loss of a man who calls himself her dad.

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blabb said...

Don't put it in her mind to call her father. If she wants to call her father she will call him and think of that on her own. You guys don't have to call him every time something major happens. When you are divorced, unless they ask about their Dad, it's best not to bring him up. In other words, don't tell them that their Dad loves them. Don't speak for him. If they ask you point blank what you think, then be honest with them about him. He has to be responsible for maintaining his relationship with his kids. You can't do that for him and you shouldn't. The kids are smart, they will see the writing on the wall and figure things out all by themselves without any input or help from you.