Did You Give Your Ring A Fling?

What did you do with your wedding rings after you separated or went through your divorce? If you are just now going through a separation or divorce, maybe you just haven't decided what to do with that little piece of gold that was put on your left hand in trust and faith that it would be on there forever. Right now, the economy is so hard on us all, and there are places that buy gold, and alot of people choose to sell their old jewelry for money, but what if you don't want to part with it just yet? In my situation, I never thought about giving my ring a fling. I just put my old rings back into a place where they would remain safely until my daughter grows up enough to one day have them as a momento. Long after my mother and father divorced, she handed some of her gold rings that dad had given her, and now that she has passed I feel that I have something of value of hers. What does that ring of gold mean to you and what are you going to do with your set of rings?

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Angela (I am Pooped) said...

I was married WAY too young the 1st time. He was a Loser w/a capital L.

I was so desperate for money to take care of me and my daughter that I took my engagement ring AND wedding band and pawned them.

Today I am happily remarried to the right man. We have created a life together but for the sake of the discussion I will tell you what I would do IF we ever did get divorced.

I would keep the ring and save it for one of my girls to pass down to them.

I think it just depends on the situation and everybody's marriage ending happens for various reasons OR another.

I think if my husband cheated on me, we would surely get a divorce, and I will still keep the ring and wear it on my right hand. It's a cool ring. I think if you had my ring OR could see my ring you would see what I say that.