She Won And She Can Have Him

After battling my ex for many years of his infidelity and cheating ways, the other woman has actually won him and that's good---she can have him. For all the times that I fought with him over her calls, for all the times that he called me names for asking him questions about her, all the precious time of my life that I wasted, it all came down to the final truth and she got him. I used to cry about it, scream bloody heck over it, call my momma up bawling my eyes out over him, and even times begged him to stop seeing her, but nothing and I do mean nothing I did ever mattered. Since his telling me the truth about him getting ready to move back in with her, I feel relieved. I got the honest to goodness truth that after all these years, he is not going to hide from me any longer. The other woman has prevailed once again and now she is going to find out how he really is, in the real know, the one that you have to actually sit down and pay bills, deal with the problems of every day life, the day to day things that go on. Wait til she finds out that his sh.. really stinks after all. Cheers to me for finally being able to say this. What a great feeling I have now for his finally admitting the truth that I knew all along.


searchingwithin said...

Now is the time to start taking your focus off of him, and put it on yourself. Forgive yourself, because you are blaming yourself for something(s), about this affair, even though it was their mistake. Then build yourself up to be the person YOU want to be. Don't allow him or his actions determine for you what your worth is.

These relationships don't last long, and in the meantime you will be improving yourself. When he comes limping back with his tail between his legs, you will be strong enough to tell him he is "tainted goods".

But somewhere along the line, you have to find forgiveness for him also. Otherwise you will remain their victim until you do.

blabb said...

He will do the same thing to her.