Knowing That You Do Have Options In This Life

When my husband started cheating on me the first time around, I , basically didn't know what to do or where to I left. I didn't look back for many months but once I thought about it, I returned to him and tried to make things work out, with his promise of undying love and remorse for what he had done to me and our family. The lies didn't stop, but I didn't see that. I didn't want to see it. So, once I discovered his cheating on the second time of our trying, I took a different option in all of it. I decided to stay and fight. So many months, and even years went by and wasted my dear precious time of trying to get him to stop his cheating ways, but nothing happened. See, I chose to leave the first time, and the second time I stayed around for a long time to try to work things out. If you are the only one trying, then it just won't work. A marriage/partnership is made up of 2 people and if both of those people don't work at it, then you will only be in a one-sided marriage and totally miserable. Life is precious and although I don't believe in just giving up, there are times and certain circumstances where you just have to quit. I think that there are several options for the person who is having to hurt by going through their partner's infidelity. Think things out before jumping, or making a decision too quickly.

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