A Moment Of Truth

He called me today. We have been apart for a good while and through all of this, he has maintained his innocence of cheating, even though I have letters from her, have talked to her, have heard her messages to him, know where she lives and even fixed his credit for him when she forged his name and social to benefit her own good and helped him throug all this. For all of you who have followed my journey, I am here to tell you that having a partner be unfaithful to you and cheat on you is one of the worst nightmares one can face in life. Today he could no longer lie to me and finally admitted to me that he was moving back in with her. He moved in with her the first time I caught him with another woman (not her but a different one). He actually moved in immediately after I left, but I did divorce him. I came back and he wanted to try again so I did. He never told me that he was with her, but with a friend, and I found out afterwards that it was with her. Now, the house that I picked out, signed over to him for nothing, he is admitting that he didn't pay his taxes this year or last and is going to let the house go back if my son doesn't want it. He kept saying that he was going to move somewhere else. I pushed the issue and he finally gave up and told me that he was going to move back in with the other woman. Do you know how many years this man made me feel like I was the one that was crazy for ever thinking there was another woman? I am so relieved, but upset at the same time that what I knew all this time was honestly true. He finally came clean with the truth. I still have mixed feelings, but am so happy that the moment of truth has finally come for me.


blabb said...

His finally admitting the truth to you doesn't change a thing about him. He's still a liar and a cheat. You have to be glad that you are no longer with him any more. What happens in her personal life, you do not have to be a part of any more. That's great news, right?

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like he doesn't deserve one more second of your angst or time (I have been through this). A person who cheats does so because of their own issues. It has very little to do with the peson they are cheating "on". They are opportunists who cannot say no and do not understand the value of trust. In fact in my new relationship I think trust is more important than love (even though I am in love).
I have a harmonious relationship with my cheating ex-husband because my children having their parents get along is more important to me than my own formerly hurt feelings. In the long run we all make mistakes, some make them and hurt others badly along the way. But this hurt gives opportunity to move on and be more than you were before. Don't let this ridiculous and unworthy guy get to you any more. You are clearly intelligent and it is time to park him in the past. Good riddance. (But still be civil for the children).

Anonymous said...

Oh yes - the other woman - he is now her problem and like blabb points out - the same thing will happen again to her in due course.