What Do I Get With My New Found Freedom?

What do I get with my new "found" freedom? Well, first of all, sometimes it's hard to see the good and positive things when you are still looking back at what might have been or what went wrong. I find myself in this position way too many times. I guess it's because I never got the answers that I wanted and I know at this point, I have to accept that I may never get the answers, so I need to be strong about this, and just move my life forward. One positive thing I can now have to talk about is the fact that he is no longer cheating on me. I don't have to worry about checking his cell phone while he is in the shower. I no longer have to run out to his van before he wakes up to see how much money he has hidden in it. I no longer have to worry about hurting inside because he has called me all sorts of names. I don't have to deal with his temper tantrums or his demands for certain types of food. I can now say that I am going to worry about ME and I have finally been able to get some much needed rest. Chasing after someone who is being unfaithful is a full time position and I am finally free. I can go on from here and say that I am no longer under undo stress.

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