Our Wedding Rings

What do you do with the rings that you once wore together? Well, in our case, I was the ring-wearing one and his ring stayed in his top drawer because of the job he did. He just didn't wear it much, maybe some weekends, but I always wore mine. Maybe I was more sentimental with those kinds of things but it really did mean something to me. When we split up, I took the ring out of his top drawer because I felt that he didn't need it anymore. He had been out with other women and his ring was like new.....and I felt like I spent my hard earned money for something that he didn't seem to care about anyways. Later, he found out that I had taken it and asked me for it. I honestly don't know why he wanted it so badly. Why didn't he care enough while we were together to want the ring, a symbol of our love? Maybe after everything was said and done, he finally decided to care.

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