Why Is He Still Hiding Things From Me?

Here we are, been through the mill and back with his infidelity, and we are no longer together. Now that we don't see each other on a daily basis, there are still times that I have to see him. We have a child together and I see him when I have to. It's funny though because every time I see him, he acts like he's hiding something. To this day, he still hides the fact that there is or ever was "another woman". Why does he feel the need to be sneaky, even after it's over? Is he trying to hide her from me, so I won't go and ask her any questions? Is he just trying to make me believe that I was only imagining her, her phone calls and his visits to her? Did he think that her leaving messages on his cell phone were invisible to my ears? What ever the case, I am not going to obsess about it, after all, if he had wanted to be with me, he would have tried his darndest to work things out.

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Food for the Body and Soul said...

Perhaps it is about time you start to understand that perhaps your husband perceives your anger and your resentment that's why he acts weird. He does feels guilty and ashamed. Sometimes people don't know how to get out of their own mess. They need help. only God can change us, only God can show us the way to forgiveness and to love but above all we need to realize that "we need to step out of our anger". Your anger will only consume you and prevent you from growing as a person. Jesus said: Love yourself as you love others. Love your enemy. God says that our iniquity will separate us from Him. Anger separates us from Him; Ask God to remove your anger and you will have more room in your heart for love. Forget what he does or did. Stop looking at him as the unfaithful husband; you made your point already, he knows; it is time to heal, forget and love. Ask God to show you how and you will experience what you never experienced before. The power and grace of God. Believe me, I know your pain, I know how you feel but I also know that it is better to love than to hate.