Working Through Tax Issues

Tax time has come and oops! it's almost the deadline. How do you divy up your taxes? If you are divorced already, then you must file single, or head of household. What if you are still legally married? I suppose that depends on the state that you live in, however, I think those kind of questions would be best answered by your tax preparer. In my case, we are divorced. We no longer file together, however, I have done his taxes for him for many years and he is once again begging me to help him out. It's hard to help him when he doesn't answer my phone calls and he doesn't want to come see our daughter. He wants my help even though he is busy paying his other bills, but doesn't have enough money to pay his child support. I don't know what he's thinking these days. What happened to all his integredy? How does he feel that my helping him with his taxes is alright, but it's not alright for him to find even 30 minutes to come see his daughter? I am lost here, because I thought that he could at least find time for her.....but he doesn't. How is that fair? Is the "other woman" still taking up so much of his time that he isn't putting everything in perspective? Why can't she help him with those taxes?

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