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My mother told me one day, as I was ranting and raving about my soon to be ex, that I would truely never get rid of my him. WHAT? I was stunned, shocked and it blew my mind that she told me that. Oh yes, I will, I thought. However, as such in most cases, moms are mostly right when they say something that they know about. She finally explained it to me. When you have children with a man, even though you and him split up or divorce, you will always have a part of him right there with you because every one of your children have features not only from you, but of him too. They might have his looks, or even some of his habits. Either way, he's still there. Geez, I didn't want to believe her, but every single one of my children has something from their father. Don't you just hate it when they're right?

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