He Acts Differently Now

How do you react when you find something that isn't a daily, normal goings- on in your household? I always got so uptight and upset that I burst out with it all right as soon as I could, without thinking. Using my head, I should have waited for a little bit more to go on, but when I told him that "the other woman" was calling and I knew about it, it only made him get sneakier. I, then, had to play it down for a little while until he thought things were safer, and get sneaky myself about his comings and goings and so forth. Why must we play this nasty little game? I did it for such a long time and the only thing I came out of it with was a very large loss of my precious time. If you have a mate acting differently, changing up his grooming habits, spending less time with you or the family, being more secretive, then beware.....something that doesn't look right, usually isn't. His acting differently is usually a sign to watch out for.

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