I Wanted To Deny That He Cheated On Me!

"Oh, I am so sorry!" he exclaimed once he knew I had HAD enough of his lies and sneakiness. Those words I can hear over and over in my head, but it doesn't make it feel any better. I suppose if he had meant what he said, and actually made an honest and sincere effort to show me how sorry he was, things might have been different. Why I let it continue for such a long time is a mystery to me.....almost like I was there in body, but not with my mind in tact. I wanted to be with this man so much. It was such a tragedy that he cheated on me, that I just didn't want to face the truth about it. Have you ever just let things drag on and on, just hoping that you didn't see what you thought you saw, or heard what you thought you heard? Infidelity really turned my world upside down...and I am so glad that I am finally out of it.

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Survived said...

I am so mad that I believed my H when he claimed he had asked OW to stop texting and that their interactions were now on a professional basis. I knew they were still talking to one another, as they were working on a project that also involved them meeting up on a few occasions (within a group of people), but I didn't know until a few months later that they had sex the week after I discovered the text messages.