Why Would You Want To Settle For Less?

Settling for less, being second best is definitely no fun at all. We marry or partner with someone who you love, make the commitment of loving each other, and at that time, we feel like no one or anything in the world can break things apart. We go into a loving, trusting partnership. When infidelity is discovered, we're shown how horrible and wrong things in our marriage/partnership can be. This is something that I never thought would have happened to me. Never in my wildest of dreams would I ever have thought he would have even contenplated cheating on me. I didn't want to even acknowledge his cheating either, so why did I let it go on for so long? Why couldn't I have done more about it? Why would he even think that I would settle for less than his best? These questions I ask because I can now look back and try to see what happened, even though we are no longer together, the pain still exists.

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