Giving Myself a Much Needed Break

I think that I have been going around in circles for a very long time now. I question myself about his cheating, but have never found an answer. I don't think I ever will get the answer that I am looking for. How easy is it to move on without those much needed answers? Well, for me, it's been alot of pain and suffering because I go back and forth trying to answer those questions myself. I think that it's time to finally make a step forward. I am going to give it a try. I need to try and focus on myself now and get over the fact that he cheated on me and that it was NOT my fault. I know in my heart, that I did what I was supposed to do and I kept my end of the marriage true, right to the end. The only thing left is a broken marriage to look back on. Let me try and put one step forward and many more to come. I need to give myself a much needed break on the worrying.

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Survived said...


I come and read your blog now and again, and thought I would leave a comment this time.

I can appreciate just how you feel, as I'm struggling with letting go at the moment. I think there are one or two things keep me stuck in the past and I would really like to let them go and move on. Unlike you, I have stayed with my H. He dropped the OW and worked on recovery (after a fashion) so we're well on the road to 'normality' now. Just the odd trigger now and again. I think there comes a stage when you have to break free from these negative thoughts. I hope you (and I) achieve that soon.

Take care.