He Won't Come See His Daughter........Why?

Is it any wonder that because our daughter is out of sight, she's out of his mind too? That isn't fair. We both had this wonderful child together and he should be trying to be more a part of her life. Yes, you are probably wondering why I am so stressed out about his part of the deal, however, you wouldn't understand unless you had a daughter who sometimes broke into gigantic crocodile tears over not hearing from her own father. She is torn up over the fact that he just doesn't have time for her.....no visits, no phone calls, only when a blue moon comes around. Not only am I the one who has to hear her crying, but I have to try and make things better. I hurt for my child, because it's not her fault. She hasn't done anything to deserve this from him. Why can't he see this? Why does this man have to keep on hurting us so badly? Yes, we are apart, and we will never be back together and we have done alot to make a new life, but shouldn't he have some part in her life as well? Maybe he just has his brain on the other woman. Who knows? I think that I am just worrying too much about this, but I really hurt inside when my daughter misses her dad and he doesn't do anything about it.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to point out to you but he is selfish. He's shown it to true over and over again.

It is very sad when kids feel abandoned like this. She needs to know it's not her and it's not that he doesn't love her. He is just this way...selfish.