Why Does My Brain Still Think I Need Him?

Oh, I think that something must be array in my brain somewhere, somehow because I just feel like there are days that I can't help but wonder about him. We had many years together and even though we went through many very bad days, we also had some good days there too. He cheated on me, so that's that. He made his decision when he made the decision to cheat. Obviously he was more into "her" than he was into "us" and our family. Things are done now, and there's nothing that I can do about it. However, since we do have a child together and she is still under 18, I have times that I feel we need to talk about her and how she is doing. Well, that's not happening these days because he just flat out doesn't answer his phone at all. I have tried calling at different times, using different phone numbers, even leaving messages to no avail. I don't understand him or what he's thinking. Does he think that just because we are apart now that he doesn't have to worry about his daughter? It kind of seems as though he has forgotten that he still has an obligation. What is he thinking? And why does my brain still think that I need him to even care?

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Checkup Today said...

Stop wonderring about what he's doing and start living your life. You're not the keeper of what he does and you can't tell him what to do and you can't make him do what you think he should be doing even if you do share a daughter together.

Please don't use your daughter as a reason to invite more misery into your life. This is how you are making yourself unhappy.

He cheated because he's weak and you my dear deserver so much better. Stop focussing on him.

Your job as your daughter's Mom is to be a good Mom. That's it. It's not your job to make her Dad be a good Dad. That's his job.

I've wonderred for so long if you are still sharing a house and a marriage with him and I'm glad to know that you are not.

Now it's time to stop thinking that there is something wrong with you. It's time to forget about the idea of the two of you and move on with your life.