Did He Have Way Too Much Freedom?

I ask myself this, knowing the answer was probably yes. I am a very trusting person and have always been that way, wanting to believe the best out of everyone, especially the one I was with. If you are going to have a good relationship, you have to have trust. I thought that he would be true to me, because HE wanted to be true. Boy, it just didn't happen that way. What in the heck was I thinking? I go around in circles with this sometimes because I still wonder what went wrong. He had a self-employed business which meant coming and going out for jobs at different times of the day. Geez, wasn't the man busy enough with all his jobs? Why did he have to "find" time for another woman in his life? Was she needy? She most likely was someone who needed a man, and since he was a handyman in his business, this probably fit her needs perfectly. Why did she have to choose him? More importantly, why did he even want her? I had needs at home too!

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