Do you ever wonder why?......

that you spend so much time consumed in WONDERING? I just couldn't help myself. I wanted facts, or did I ? I wanted to know what was so appealing of the "other woman".
Why was she so wonderful? What did she have that made her better than me? Did she do things that I didn't do? Oh, the thoughts went on and on. It is just enough to drive one crazy with the wondering. I felt like I was always going in circles wondering. And then, I have to stop and ask myself, why was I spending so much time wondering. I guess I spent so much time on it, was because it was something unknown. It's a mystery almost as to why someone could "love" you so much and then go out behind you and hurt you so much. I mean, if you are with someone, and you are meeting all of their needs, and things seem to be going along ok,or even great, why is there a need for another person to interfere with that? What does that other person bring to your relationship, other than heartache and pain?

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