Getting help

As time went on, things were still hard on me. I still couldn't get those private phone calls and letters to him out of my mind. And then to find out, HE was the one ratting me out by telling her that I was on to her calls. For the short while I was moved out of our bedroom and into the spare room, things calmed down alot. I was starting to think that maybe things would get better. I started to "work" on myself. I needed to take care of ME. I got into some counseling sessions to try and help me figure things out. "Was I going crazy here or what? And why was "I" the one who needed help? I was not the one cheating. I was not getting private calls." Honestly, the counseling helped me to HEAR myself. I was NOT going crazy and the private phone calls WERE from someone real. I was not imagining all of those hang up calls and the letters that came in WERE for him, addressed to him and they meant something. Having someone to HEAR what I said was so important for me. I still had the burning question inside of me asking "Why would he or could he do this to US?"

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