Facing what was happening

Talking to an old friend of my family was so helpful to me. I was so desperate for someone other than my parents to "hear my story". I felt like the world had stopped and nothing else was going on in it. Yes, the daily business of life always takes first place, but I had stopped wanting to go out and enjoy the very things that I loved to do. I didn't attend any more movies, not much shopping and things just felt like they stopped for me. I was wanting to tell my happenings to someone to get their opinion. I wasn't ready for anyone to tell me exactly WHAT to do, but I wanted someone to at least hear me, someone to make me feel like I wasn't alone in this. Believe it or not, I even went on Ivillage and joined the forum there and annonymously talked to the others who were going through this. Oh boy, this made me feel like I had others to back me up in this. I had to soon realize that I was NOT crazy.. there really was someone on the other line of his phone. There really were hang-up calls. I had to face what was right in my face. It hurt so much.

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