The Other Woman

Finding myself was the best thing for me in all of this. I was still hurting and lonely because I was by myself. Sure, the kids were there, but I was sleeping alone. My heart was torn apart. I wanted so much to find that other woman and confront her. What good would that do for me? I was spending countless hours divulging myself in questions about her and what she looked like and what she was all about. I shouldn't have worried or wondered, but I am only human. Of course I wanted to know the intrigue of this other woman. I wanted to know what she had that was so much better than me. My journey continued on....I was trying to give myself time to come back down to earth. I wanted peace. I wanted love. Why was this so hard to find?


Anonymous said...

just found out that my other woman was my sister betrayal from both sides ...i hurt so bad inside it feels like dying from the inside out as if to find out that he was cheating wasnt enough but my sister to...dont even know where to start

Debbie said...

Dear anonymous,
I am SOOOO sorry to hear that you are having it thrown at you from both sides. A sister is supposed to be supportive..and I am sorry that she's not. I hope that you have other family members for support.