Listen to what your mom says

My mom and dad came to visit. They really liked him alot. They noticed him coming in and out and told me that he shouldn't be coming in and out all the time. Well, I told them that in between jobs, he likes to be clean...and boy that is an understatement. He liked to shower several times a day. I never ever questioned him because I knew how he was. He came home kind of late while they were visiting and showered and left with dress clothes on like around 8 or 9 pm. Mom said "Something seems off here, as I don't know why he would need to go out for an estimate this late at night, especially with that pink dress shirt on". I sure wished I would have listened to my mother. She is wise beyond her years. Moms have an instinct about these things, but you know that when you are an adult, you still can be bull-headed about looking at things from your mom's perspective because you want to be your own adult. I told mom, well, I had become used to it and I trusted him completely. Boy was I wrong.

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