day after day

Once our daughter became around 3, almost 4 yrs old, things were starting to change. He was in control of going back and forth from this job to that, being self employed and going when the calls came in. There were calls back to back and times he would come home in between so there was never a set time for being home. But then I noticed that there were some late night calls. ok, I said, it happens. But to be really and truely honest, I really did trust him. I didn't even think twice about him being on a late night call. Some places, especially business's need to have late night calls, or people working until late needing estimates for a job. This went on for awhile, but then came the late night call but him coming home and taking a shower, changing into nice clothes time. Still, I trusted in him. He was a good provider and he was a hard working man.

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