Living through infidelity

I was gone about 8 months, maybe a wee bit more, but I soon came back little by little. I still had 2 of myhousecleaning jobs here so I would see him occasionally. We talked and I let him know that I knew about HER. I did not appreciate what he did to me. He apologized over and over and soon I started thinking that things would be ok eventually. One day after many months of thinking things through, I started thinking about him, and how we had spent so many years together and he still wanted ME and he wanted our family. He seemed to be very humble and wanting forgiveness. We went out on a few dates again and started discussing things. I pulled up stakes and decided to move back again, however, my house was gone because like a fool, I had sold it. A free and clear paid- for home. I just up and sold it due to my very carelessly thinking that getting rid of everything I had with him, would make things go away. I mean honestly, this whole situation tore me up so badly, that I did things without even thinking. When you are in love with someone so completely and they hurt you like he did me, some of the things that I did were just done quickly and not thought about first.

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