Living with lies

As time went on, things started getting worse. He began hiding money in his work truck, my daughter and friends were in the garage one day and playing the stereo loudly accidently knocked down some strange pictures hiding in the rafters. I looked at the pic of 2 little boys and inscribed on the back was in spanish and at the time I couldn't understand it very well but supposedly it said why don't you want us? I was totally confused. I knew that he was not much a talker and didn't say a whole lot about his past but who were these little boys and how did the picture get up there? I jumped way too fast. I confronted him about them and he made up a song and dance about them being nephews.....much later I found out that they were not his nephews. I wished now that I would have kept on to those pics because he tore them up into shreds as soon as he saw them. Many moons later, he told me that he had been with another woman years ago and they were supposedly HER kids. He also told me that he had 2 kids, but in reality there were 3....and that's not the ones in the pics. I soon started noticing more and more lies. He started changing some in the fact that he was coming and going alot, his lies became more frequent. Still, when you love someone, you want to believe in them....boy was I wrong.

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