Getting to know him

Many years ago, over 14 to be exact, I dated a man who seemed to be what I would describe as kind, helpful, supporting and good to me. He was ready to get married but, I recall that I didn't want to get married because I had already been through a bad marriage and was having cold feet.
Needless to say, we dated for quite a while. Then one day he moved in and later got married. I learned to lean on him, and to trust in him beyond the shadow of a doubt. For a long time, he really was good to me. It was good as he helped me and I helped him. We actually did very well together up until a short time after I had our daughter, who is now a young teen. He went to work every day with a little older gent who would come and pick him up for work. He worked like that for several years. One day, that sweet older gent passed away, leaving his business...... that's when he started working for himself, being more free to come and go. That is when I believe our problems began.....

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