When Families Break Apart

When we get married, we have children, hoping that our marriages will last forever, til death do us part, and then comes having children. We have our children, watch them grow, nurture them until they are able to become responsible adults, and even when they do, we still watch after them as they have their own families and go on with life. But, what happens when our marriages break apart? What happens to our families and our children? Starting over, is indeed one of the hardest things in life to have to do. We become so used to being married and having a partner to help us with the good times and bad, that we suddenly have to find our way on our own. How can we make it on our own? What if you don't have a job to support yourself? What if you don't have any money? Those questions are very important and need answers. Finding a family member, or a trusted friend can indeed help you with those answers. Look for help, either from a clergy, or great sites like the one at http://divorce360.com

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Scicere reid said...

I think that people in marriages should not betray each other or cheat on each other. Some one is very wrong in this situation, very wrong. Something must be done and forgiveness in it or else the marriage have to cut off completley because THAT IS MARRIAGE AND IT IS A SERIOUS TRUSTING COMMITED THING YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CHEATED ON AGAIN BY SOMEBODY YOU THOUGHT YOU CAN TRUST.