How Can I Get This Man to Quit Cheating?

No matter what was going on in our lives while he was cheating, nothing was right. There could be no peace in our house or amongst ourselves period. No matter how much I cried, pleaded or downright begged, he was not going to stop his behavior. What can we do to stop the cheating? To be honest with you, you cannot do anything about it alone. The behavior coming from the cheater can only be corrected by them. They have the WANT to stop cheating. They have to WANT to be with you only. How can we get them to this point? Actually, you cannot make that choice for them. They must want to seek help for themselves. When I actually told him that I was not going to be with him anymore because of his cheating, only then, was he willing to try and work things out. Was he actually willing to go to a marriage counselor, or a minister to talk things out? In my case, he only wanted me to throw it over my shoulder and forget about it. How sad I was to hear this.

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