Have You Had Enough?

When do you know that you've had enough? That honestly depends on you totally. Some people go on for a very long time, trying to actually find out if their mate was REALLY cheating, like I did. Some cannot take it very long and get out of the relationship quickly, bing-bang-boom !!! So, how do you know when it's time to leave, or try to work things out? The ultimate decision is yours. It also depends upon how your mate is acting. Does he/she want to try to work your marriage out? Are they willing to go to counseling? Are they actually showing a sign of remorse for their actions? If so, sometimes things can be worked out, providing they honestly show that they want to make it work. If they want to just do as my ex-husband did, and throw it over their shoulders and move on because it's over between them and the other woman, then things will be very hard to keep it together. For me, I had had enough of "oh, I am so sorry, it won't happen again" over and over to the point that I couldn't believe him anymore. I can say that I honestly tried. But the decision is yours to make and no one can tell you when it's time to go. sometimes talking to someone can help open your eyes a bit.

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