A Holiday He Missed With Our Daughter

Getting through the Thanksgiving Holiday turned out to be pretty alright indeed. I went through my normal routine, kids all come back home except for one, and dinner went well. My only gripe is, that my daughter's dad (my ex) didn't even call her once. No phone call to see how she was enjoying the holiday, and to top all that off, she tried calling him many different times during the past 7 days that she has been off from school with no answer from him, only his answering machine. I felt so bad for her because even though he was rotten to me, and to "us" as a family, she still loves him, and rightly so, it's her dad. I kept reminding her that he might have been busy, or maybe he would call her back, but she got nothing. No amount of words from me will ever make this up, and even though it's just a phone call, he is only 10 minutes away and he really has no excuse for not visiting or calling. What a lovely daughter he is missing out on !!!

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