What Possesses A Man To Have Another Woman?

This is a question that I often wonder about. You see in the news how many celebrities cheat on their partner, and it's something that I don't understand. They might be "with" a very beautiful partner and they go out with someone else behind their back? It's not about beauty, that's for sure, but it really makes me curious. What is so interesting to a man to have more than one woman? Do they go out an seek someone else totally opposite of their spouse? Why would they need to have someone else? Or could it be that they find chasing someone --new a big challenge? Does the cheating and staying together make for a stronger marriage? In my opinion, the answer is no. I believe that once trust is taken away, it's extremely hard to trust all over again. However, there can be forgivness of a spouse's cheating, but it's never easy to forget about it.

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