Don't Blame Yourself For Your Partner's Cheating

How do you stop "beating yourself up" over being cheated on? I will be the first one to tell you, it hurts like nothing else. You go over and over in your mind so many questions about why, how, and who, that you might even start to doubt yourself. You question yourself so much and you wonder if it's your fault. Sometimes your spouse will even tell you that it IS your fault, but to be honest, it's NOT. You are responsible for your actions and he is responsible for his. You didn't drag him out and make him go with someone else. You didn't tell him to be sneaking around, and you certainly didn't tell him to make sneaking phone calls or spend all his time with someone else. So, why, do you ask, did this happen to you? Well, this is happening to many people right now and it's also something that YOU did not do. Do not take the blame for your partner's cheating. It is something within themselves that made them do this. Seek someone to talk to about this, someone that you trust and will help you to see that it's not your fault. Just having someone to listen to you helps so much more than you know. Lastly, do not accept the blame for what another person does.

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