He Turned to Me.....Finally

Time moved on for us, and we seemed to be trying to get things back into order. He didn't want to admit that this other woman had anything to do with messing up his credit, but once the paperwork came in with proof, he was upset and angry, of course. He turned to me more at this time, as much as I wanted him to, but it was not for the right reasons. This man wanted his credit fixed and I knew how to get it done. I wanted so much for him to want me because HE wanted ME, not because he wanted me to do something for him. But in all honesty, it felt good to be needed and wanted again. I was surely grasping for straws here. Was there a glimmer of hope in my future?

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Anonymous said...

Infidelity isn't to do with age so he will not 'get over it' regardless of how old he gets. When one affair is over they start another. They love the games, sneaking around and excitement of it all. An alcoholic needs alcohol and will not get over it. If you have a sweet tooth you will always like sweets.

The reason he sticks with you through the different affairs is that you are the only one out of his women who has the ability to "take care of business". He will stay with you not necessarily because he loves you best but that you serve the needs that the other women don't. If you are satisfied with that and plan to stay with him knowing this will never end then you should come to some kind of peace so you can go on living with him in less pain. Don't lie to yourself and really see the reality of this. This way you might be able to accept you are not going to be the only woman in his life. You might be able to go on and suffer less. If you do see yourself staying with him, that is.