Another Message, But Different Voice

One day, we decided to go and visit my daughter, who was about 6 hours away. I was in shock because he never went many places with me. Wow, he was giving in to what I wanted, for a change. He seemed to be at ease, perhaps knowing that I was trying to move on with life, and he settled down some, keeping more to his work than ever. "Could this man really love me like he said he did?" Was this the miracle I was waiting for? I don't know, but we got to my daughter's house and the visit went well. I can't tell you how much he seemed to be relaxed. One night, before we were about to turn in for the night, a phone call came in on his cell. We didn't answer it in time, but there was a message, and as I started to listen, my stomach turned into knots. I so hoped that our troubles were over. The message was from a different lady. She had a very sweet and high pitched voice, much different than "the other woman". "Hey, I need 32.59 to pay a bill." was what the message said. What the HECK was this all about? I let him listen and he made no facial expressions to give him away, and all he said was " I don't know who that is", maybe it's a wrong number. What do you think? She made no call of his name, or anything else. Just needing money. I wanted to dismiss it, but just couldn't.

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Anonymous said...

You know, a leopard doesn't change it's spots. A miracle would be for you to realize that instead of hoping to see the day water travels upwards. Once you realize that you can take the necessary steps to find peace...whatever that is for you.

Or...20 years from now you will say to yourself, I can't believe it never changed.

He will continue to find replacements and it will not end. You will hurt and hurt.