The Blame Rested Upon His Shoulders

So, do I stand up and fight for my man? Or was it useless and time to move on? I had been through so much with this man, that I couldn't hardly stand the sight of him. But why did I love him so? I tended to look at myself for blame, when in fact, the real blame rested upon his shoulders. I can honestly say that I had been a good housewife....I worked, paid my share of the bills for the house and utilities, I took care of our daughter, kept the laundry and house clean, and was always there for him when he needed me. I can't understand why this had to keep happening over and over again. It HAD to be something within him. So, if he wanted to be with me, then why couldn't he just do that? Was I missing something here, or would we never be together again?

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