How Could I Have Wasted So Much Time?

I spent many days waiting on him hand and foot. I bent over backwards trying to make myself good enough to be his one and only love. We married and it was good at first. He was loving and caring, but somewhere along the way, things changed. I don't know what made the change in him because as far as I knew, things were fine between us. I feel like I may have done so many things to try and make "us" work that all of my work was done for nothing. What makes a man want to cheat on his wife or partner when she has done nothing wrong? Perhaps I was lacking in something that he wanted, but I would never know because he never complained. He seemed to be happy and I know that I put my all into our marriage. Did I waste 10 years of my life with someone who never wanted me in the first place, or did he just feel he had the right to cheat on me?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,

First of all, you didn’t do anything to deserve being treated this way. This society always likes to hand us a reason for what happened to us, and the reason always exculpates or explains away the actions of the perpetrator. The reason always turns the fault onto us, the betrayed. What did we not provide? Where were we lacking? What did they not have in our marriage that they had to go outside?


Each of us made a promise when we took our vows. There is no excuse for betrayal. It was a choice. We are only at fault for choosing the wrong person. They are at fault for choosing the actions they took.

I wish you the best.