How Do You Know When To Quit?

Wow, powerful question but sometimes we wonder what we need to do to know when it's time to through in the towel. I know that after I caught my husband cheating on me, I immediately divorced him.....I mean, it was totally devistating. However, with much thought, and about 9 months later, I decided to return. He welcomed me with open arms, acted like he just couldn't live without me. I decided to try it again.... and we did. We decided to find a place of our own. I searched all over until I found that right place, and we moved in. Things seemed to be good for awhile. After a little while, things started changing. I didn't know what was going on with him. He seemed to be angry for no reason, started working funny hours, actually showing the signs of cheating but I just couldn't see them at that point in time. So many times he told me how sorry he was, but he would just go out and cheat again. He would get a call from the other woman about needing him and instead of coming home to me, he would go to work, and sneak around to see her on his lunch hour or at some point during the work day and then come home to me as though nothing had happened. He didn't want counseling. He told me to just forget about the other woman and go on with our lives. He didn't want to find a way to let me trust him again. I went on with this lifestyle for longer than I should have until it was just too much for me. Along with her ruining his credit with fraud and my having to fix it for him, her numerous messages that she left and letters, I just couldn't take it anymore. I think I knew when it was time to quit by the feeling that I had inside of me. My heart loved this man so much, but I was just unable to trust. I was tired of checking his cell phone. I was tired of trying to follow him around. I was tired of being the last important thing on his list. If you are unsure if it's time to quit, examine your feelings. If your partner is willing to honestly work things out, then you have a chance.... and if not, it's not worth all the time lost at begging him/her to stay. You will most likely feel a feeling inside of yourself when it's time to quit.

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