Leaning How To Take Care Of YOU

At first, I didn't quite know how to start this post....everyone is probably wondering about the title, taking care of you! I wonder if you are the person who gets out of bed each morning, fixes breakfast for the kiddos, the hubby, feeds the pets, gets all the morning stuff done BEFORE taking care of yourself..I know that I am. I am guilty of that. Every morning, without thought, I get right out of bed and immediately start doing everything that needs to be done....no time for myself until it's all said and done. But what about if you decided to do something for yourself first? What about getting out of bed, brushing your hair, your teeth, taking your meds if you have any, getting some clothes on, and THEN taking care of everything else? I know it's hard for me, but somebody's gotta do it. Summer is here and the kids are out of school so now's your chance to try and get a break. What about letting your kids, if they are old enough, to help you with some of those "to-do" things on your list? Kids do enjoy helping out now and then, and if not, why not try to give them an incentive in helping? Going through a divorce or a seperation can be so difficult, and really puts a stain on things..maybe you are used to having help from the STBX, and now it's just you. Take some time for yourself each day, even if it's only a few minutes. Having a nice and relazing bath (shower), getting a new haircut or buying yourself something pretty (sexy or just downright cute), taking a few extra minutes alone for a cup of coffee can really give you that extra feeling to keep going. Life really can bring joy after such a traumatic experience, but it takes time, and we all heal in different times. Remember, you still need to take care of you.

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Anonymous said...

It's been over three years since I divorced my husband of nearly 30 years for his infidelity despite years of hard work, but it still hurts.

Nowadays, I thank God for my home being mine, for our adult children being supportive of me, and my community being sympathetic toward me despite his untruths about me.

However, even with three years behind me, the pain is still there and it refreshes whenever the other woman's path crosses mine. I wonder what she was thinking in knowingly breaking my marriage, contacting my children, in moving into my neighborhood with him. I would never do what she did, so it honestly mystifies me how a person could have a conscience and still invade a marriage.

To be sure, I have moved on with life, structuring my life around my goals which include going to college and traveling. In time, though, I hope fervently that karma will kick in and take this remaining thorn out of my side.