Communications In A Relationship

Is infidelity a lack of respect, or for the fun of not getting caught, or perhaps because the one who's cheating just isn't happy and doesn't know how to get help for it? Maybe it's for a different reason entirely, but it starts somewhere within a marriage or relationship that's obviously in trouble. Maybe the other spouse doesn't know it, or perhaps it's something that has caused the couple to go round in circles, who knows ! My opinion is that if there is some type of unhappiness in the relationship, the one who's unhappy should speak up about it. I know, it's very hard but isn't it better than avoiding the issues? I think most of the time, the cheater wants to stay in the current relationship (due to many outside factors),yet still seeks to find some way of escape from the problems that marriages and committed relationships can bring. If you are having a problem, don't you think that it's best to bring it out into the open so that you can at least discuss the issues? Is it really worth the sneaking around and trying to keep it all a secret just a little bit too much burden to carry? Communication is a very powerful thing to have within a relationship, but do you have the strength to actually sit down and tell your partner about your problems?

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