What Comes Around--Goes Around, So They Say

What comes around- goes around, or so they say. I would love to know if that's true, but it does seem so. Ever since my ex has cheated on me and we went our separate ways, he has run into some problems. First of all, he was on top of a roof, on a ladder and fell off!!! He was out of work ( he is self employed) and was unable to work for about 6 months. The next thing that I knew, once he was healed and back to work again, someone hit his work van and totaled it out leaving him to have to buy another one when he was nearly finished with the payments of the old one. Does he associate all this bad stuff with what he got because he treated his family so horribly??? Probably not. How long will this karma stuff keep getting to him? Interesting.

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BindyB said...

It is true, while I get sad thinking that my ex has everything perfect and has gotten on with his life perfectly with his latest female live in, it is not true and I have no reason to feel sorry for me. When he got 30 days off work with out pay for being neglectful, not attentive to the task, and putting others life at risk, I realized he is struggling too. I am sure he used the divorce and our daughters problems to lessen his consequence as I know what he did, most would be fired for. Did it make me feel better that he is hurting, no, I just felt sorry for him like I always did. And more and more I see that I must focus on me, and getting myself to a better mental state and build new relationships and new experiences for me.