Is She Still My Aunt?

What happens when you divorce and you HAD nephews and nieces that once called you aunt or uncle? Do they still continue to call you that? Are they still your relatives? That's a hard question because I once went through that situation and ended up with half of them still calling me aunt and the other half not. Of course, it does hurt your feelings if you were really close and then all of a sudden, due to the divorce, they no longer consider you family, even if you have been with that family a very long time. When my older children once asked me if I was still the aunt to one of their cousins I told them yes, because I was their mother and they are a part of me, so that didn't change anything. If their father chose to get married with someone else, they might be a step-aunt but I would still be an aunt because of me being a mother to my children... I know, sounds very mind boggling. What do you think about it?


Angela said...

When my aunt and uncle got divorced my aunt was still my aunt. To this day I refer to her as my aunt. The divorce doesn't change anything if you had a relationship with those people to begin with.

When my 1st husband and I got divorced I stopped sending Christmas cards and all that jazz to his side of the family because #1 we didn't really know those people and #2 I didn't have a relationship with them. So when that marriage ended the ties were cut.

I think it just depends on the family dynamics and how close the family members are with each other.

Laurie said...

This comment is from the new wife, from a divorce. My new husband and I have been together longer then he was married previous. His neice and nephews call his ex-wife aunty, one of the children was 3 months old when she left. She is always there she never left totaly.(she still has the children over for sleep overs and event parties she also has a new husband and family) This makes it very hard and unconfortable for the person that IS here with there uncle, all the time and here to STAY!!!