Alas ! I Think I Am Finally Done.

As this year is closing to it's end, I have been dealing with a bad year that I want to be done with. This year has not only brought me a trip to Florida to be with my dad while he went through heart surgery, a trip to Indiana for my vacation which turned out to be totally spent in the hospital with my mother and her stroke, back again last month when my mother passed away, but a whole year of dredging up my past with my ex, who I thought was my soul mate. My ex's time is now up, it's done and it's gone. I sit here and pray that this new year will bring me a much better year. I am now ready to let go of my ex, after such a very long time of crying and worrying about him. I feel this is in my best interest because it's just holding me back of a future that I might be able to have. I had a long history with him but I am letting go now because I have to. I need to move forward with my life and I need to start a new life for myself--which does not include worry about him any more. I know that we will never be and I am now going to accept this. Here's to a new year in my future, and hopefully to you all too. May this new year be a good one. I know there's so much out there for me, so Cheers!


Anonymous said...

I truly hope you this year will be better. I have been married 10 years with 2 small children. I just found out on Monday that he has been having an affair. He claims he loves her. My world has been shattered, I am a mess. I will be seeking support and counseling but everything is closed due to the holiday. my husband will be here soon to spend NYE with the can I handle it?

Debbie said...

dear anonymous, I am so sorry for what you are going through. Right now, you will just need to do the best that you can for yourself and for your children. This is such a hard thing to go through, but you CAN get through it. There is life on the other side !