Do Dogs Help Us With Our Grief?

I know it sounds like a silly posting, but I often wonder about this because I am the proud owner of two little chihuahuas. They have been such wonderful companions to me and seem to brighten up my world a bit. I know that they will never replace my ex, but come to think about it, they don't gripe or complain one bit like he did. My dogs don't leave their dirty socks on the floor, and they certainly don't ask me to go to the store and buy odd and specialty foods like he did. My dogs don't get all mad at me when I start crying over something that I really am sad about like he did either. Wow-- that's amazing to me because they seem to be there for me in times that he wasn't able to be for me. Will I ever find a man who will love me and accept me for who I am and want to be?

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In answer to your question, yes. Animals do pick up on your emotions and whatever chemicals your body may be releasing. They may snuggle you more when your ill, they may appear more needy, or at your side. Patting a cat for example can lower blood pressure. So animals can be healing and rewarding.
P.S my ex Husband was a cheating bathplug also.