OMG!!! He Actually Paid His Child Support!

I have been gone for 9 days to take care of my mother's affairs due to her passing very unexpectedly. I came home totally exhausted but after one day of rest, I had to make it to the computer to do the posting of all that I have spent on my trip to Indy. While checking my own account, I just so happened to check on the other account and low and behold, there was the child support. It had just posted a day before I got home but what a lovely suprize. It was late, of course, but to me, that did not matter....all that mattered was that it was there and what a blessing. I want to call him so bad to thank him but am so afraid that I will jinx things by doing so. He knew that my mother had passed and perhaps he felt sorry for us? I don't know what his ryme or reason was, but hopefully the child support will get back on track once again. Here's to hoping so !!

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