Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage is supposed to last forever, you know, til death do you part. When we marry, we are very optimistic that our future with that special love will last forever. We don't always see that there will be rocky roads ahead because we are so excited about the wedding, the new life it will bring us that we don't always see past that. We don't anticipate a break-up. But what can you do if your marriage is "on the rocks"? What can you do about deep problems that seem like they cannot be resolved? Can your marriage be saved? Well, the answer to that question is between you and your partner. You and your partner both must want the marriage to survive for it to happen. You both must work at identifying the problem and working on a solution together. Seeking counseling or speaking to a member of clergy can often be what's needed to be back on the road to repairing the marriage. Remember, a marriage is built of two people and both must want to stay married for it to work.

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Not Afraid to Use It said...

I have to say this is the most fair and even-handed post regarding infidelity I have read in a long time. So many people have such a knee-jerk reaction. Walking away isn't always the answer. I love that you said a marriage is between the two people. You are so right, and often the more people who get involved the more complicated and ugly it becomes. Great post.