Can I Forgive Him?

Can I forgive my partner when he/she cheats on me? I have heard others in the past say that if that happened to them, they would never forgive their partner, only to find later, it happened and they forgave them after all. I believe that when something so hurtful happens in your relationship, you are the only one able to make this final decision. How do you know? I know, because I have lived through this and know that no other person can make this decision for you. Sometimes we stay for our children. This works sometimes and other times not. It all depends on the circumstances of what happened and if your partner is willing to work things out. Are they remorseful enough to help you both together to work this out? Counseling, if needed? The two of you together must decide if you want things to work out. You also need time to heal. A marriage can still succeed if both can work things out successfully, but getting back the trust takes time.

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Anamika said...

Nice Post! Forgiving after beeing cheated is quite hard. If one can forgive and forget and ensure that it does not happen again one should not take ex back because the relationship would end up in an even worse mess if they do.