What Can We Do About Change?

Life is hard, having to go through infidelity. We marry or get with another person to spend our lives together, sharing with that other person. Things can go along great for awhile. Then something happens....but what is it? How do you know when things are changing? Well, you don't always know that, especially if your lives become really crazy busy. What about when children start coming along and there are more obligations to attend to than just "you and him"? Oh, let me tell you, sometimes life gets going along ever so quickly that it blindsides you. Work is hard, coming home exhausted, our lives get busy and wow! the next thing you know, your routines get in an uproar and there you have it--- change. When things start changing, we don't always stop and address the issues. Maybe we should. Maybe we need to keep a closer eye on things. I wish I knew the answers here. I thought that things in my marriage were going great. I mean, after all, I was working, keeping up with all the housework, the cooking and the laundry. I was taking care of "our" children and he should be happy, right? I was even making special time for "us". What in the world happened to us?

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Domestic Divapalooza said...

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